Account Page for Administrators


As an administrator, the 'Account' page will show you all details regarding your profile and your team's account. The Account Settings button is located at the bottom left hand side of your Home page. You can also access the Account Settings by clicking on your name and profile picture displayed at the top right and then selecting 'Edit Profile' in the drop-down menu.

You will have additional tabs within this page to better manage your team's information. The first two tabs are for your personal account and the last three tabs are for the team account. 

What is an Administrator?

As an administrator, you will have all information regarding the team. You are the only person in the team that can manage and make changes to the account for the team. There can be more than one administrator in a team.

Administrators are the only ones that can:

  • Invite users to the team
  • Delete users from the team
  • Change team members' role
  • Change any information regarding the team account: invoice address, billing information, etc
  • Make other users in the team administrators 


         An Admin can make other members as team Administrator. We recommend at least  two Admins for a team which one should be available in case of vacation or an emergency. 

        However, keep in mind to try reducing amount of Admins to a minimum. Multiple Admins means multiple persons-in-charge of the team and thus, having same rights as you.

Note: An administrator is a role that is only available for professional accounts.

Account Overview Tab 


You can review your license details in the Overview tab. Here is where you can see the number of users in the account, the payment option, and the billing period all in one glance.

You will also be able to see the total users in your team and the details of the conferencing features that your team account has. 

Edit Profile Tab


The 'Profile Settings' tab is the same for all users. Here, you can:

  • Upload a profile picture
    • Other users will be able to see your picture when you are active in boards and next to comments you create
  • Change your short description and contact information
    • This is visible to all of your contacts
  • Change or activate your email address
    • Your email address is not visible to your contacts
    • It is used for logging in 
    • Don't forget to activate your email address to be able to receive alerts via email
  • Change your language preferences
  • Set the frequency of your board alerts
    • You can change the settings to the appropriate time frame for when to receive alerts
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe from account emails and welcome tips. We are required to send out emails regarding changes of your account status 
  • Connect other services and social media accounts 
  • Change your password

Make sure to click save when you're finished.


Mail from Conceptboard


After signing up, you'll receive our "Getting Started" welcome tips via mail to help you get to know Conceptboard.  Also, we'll inform you about important product and service updates.
If you don't want to receive our "Getting Started" guide and Service Updates via mail, you can simply disable them by switching this toggle to "Off". You can also unsubscribe from receiving these mails by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in any of these mails already received from us.


Connect Services to your Account

If you signed up with a social login, that option will already be connected to your account. You can connect multiple accounts which you can use to login to Conceptboard, or you can use an email/password combination. 

You can connect your Google and Salesforce accounts to use with our app integrations.

Disconnect Services from your Account

A list of already connected services will be shown under the 'Connected Services' section. Click on the toggle to the right of the service and then click on 'disconnect'. There will be a dialogue that pops up to confirm that you wish to disconnect.  

Change your Password


Click on the 'Change password' tab to open the dialog. Make sure to fulfil the requirements shown above and click on 'Change password' to save it.

Plan & Payment Tab


As an administrator, you can switch between the flexible monthly payment option and the fixed payment option.

The flexible monthly payment option allows you to remove and add users as needed, and only pay for the maximum amount of users in each month.

The fixed payment option allows you to pay for a fixed number of seats in your team, with a monthly, quarterly, or annual billing period. This also sets the upper limit for the number of users you can invite to your team, and you can not invite additional users without first increasing the number of users.

Country and currency

You can also change country and currency here.


For more billing questions, please see our Billing FAQ's.

Delete or Downgrade your Account


If you need to downgrade or cancel your whole team account, you can do so from the Plan & Payment tab. Click on the 'Delete or downgrade account' link on the bottom of the page.

You can downgrade the team account by entering your password and then clicking on the Downgrade account button. Downgrading the team account means all users on the team will lose all professional user capabilities and be downgraded to a free account. Downgrading a team account happens instantly. 

If you would like to completely delete the team account, click on the link and then confirm that you would like to delete your account.

Note: Deleting an account will delete all of your data. This action cannot be undone.

If you need to individually remove users from your team, you can do so from your Users page.  

Change or Update your Credit Card Information


You can change or update your credit card information in your Plan & Payment tab. Click on 'update payment method' link to the right side of your team plan information. Once the Adyen dialog box opens, click 'Okay' to direct you to the different payment options available. 

Select your means of payment and click next. You will then be directed to your 'Payment method accepted' page. 

Invoices Tab


In the Invoices tab, you will find all your current and past invoices.

There is also a free-form text field where you can add the invoice address or any additional information your accounting department requires on invoices.

To provide your VAT number, select your country in the drop down menu before providing your Value Added Tax ID number. This only applies to businesses located in the European Union.

If you need to send invoices to an additional email address within the company you may add it in the invoice email field. You will also find a list of copies for any invoice that has been created for your account.

Team Settings Tab


As a team administrator you have various options to customize your team account. You can change your team name here and determine the user roles who can invite new team members. You can also determine the default board role when sharing the board, default access mode and board access for non-team members.

Board access for non-team members

Conceptboard protects information from unsolicited board access. Team administrators can enable restrictions for non-team members accessing all boards within a team. Select whether and how non-team members can access boards of your team. Non-team members are guests, free account users and users from other teams.

Team administrators can set up a preferred board sharing setting for non-team members. Unless specified otherwise, this setting will mostly impact the “Anyone with the link” sharing option

There are three settings available for administrators to select from in Team Settings:

  • Non-team members can be invited to all boards
    • Team members are allowed to invite anyone (team members, non-team members, free users and guests) to collaborate on their boards.
    • Password will not be required to access a board unless specified by the board owner.



  • Non-team members need to provide a password on unprotected boards
    • Team members are allowed to invite anyone (team members, non-team members and guests) to collaborate on their boards.
    • Non-team members (PRO users from other teams and guests) must enter a password on boards with the access mode 'Anyone with the Link'



  • Only team members can be invited to collaborate
    • Non-team members cannot access any boards of your team members. Guest access is disabled.


Default access setting

When choosing a default access setting for your team, please remember that the setting can still be changed for each individual board by the board owner/editors.

  • Only specific users can access
  • Anyone with link can access
    • Everyone can access boards of your team members via a secure link. Non-team member access can be managed on the section above.

Corporate Colors


In this menu you can customize the header and button color for your team account. Furthermore you have the option to select up to 25 different corporate colors for usage in the board. These colors can then be accessed from the color group 'Corporate colors' from within the board.  


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