Using Conceptboard on an iPad or Tablet


Using Conceptboard on your tablet is great for when you’re on the go and need to review content away from your desk. We have optimized the web version for the iPad, so you can open your boards directly in the tablet’s browser!

Read on for some of our tips on how to get the most out of Conceptboard when using a tablet.

How to Navigate on a Tablet

You can move on boards by using two fingers or touch points to drag the board, no matter what tool mode you are in, and use a pinch or expand gesture to zoom in and out of the board.

To quickly find and navigate to different comments or tasks in the board, use the side navigation panel located on the left side of the board.

Touch Device mode 


The Touch Device mode is activated by default when opening a new board using a tablet. It enables a better experience while using the Board tools, for example, the usage of Sticky notes is optimized to use within the Scribble tool.

You can switch your navigation mode at any time by clicking on the navigation options in the View menu next to the Zoom tool.

Adding Files to the Board on a Tablet


You can access the Insert menu by clicking on the Plus (+) button in the top left corner of your boards. From this menu, you can upload files from your tablet, insert sections, Building Blocks and templates, embed video or audio files, or import items from ImageRelay and Dropbox

If you need to access any of the files that have been attached to the board, click on the Board menu and choose 'Attachments'. In the downloads dialog, click and hold the file you would like to open and choose open in the new tab.

Deleting Content 


You can easily delete one item or entire sections from the board while working on the iPad or tablet. Zoom out and use the Select tool to select all items that you would like to remove and then click on the Trashcan button in the floating toolbar. This is also an easy way to clear the board.  

Shapes, Text Boxes, and Sticky Notes  


To add a shape, text box, or a sticky note, click on its icon and drag it to the desired length on the board. Consequently, a floating toolbar is shown with it, enabling you to adjust it the way you like and re-edit it as often as you want on the board.

To add a text in a shape, text box, or a sticky note, is easy. You can do it in two ways:

  1. Double-click on an element to bring up the keyboard and insert your preferred text.
  2. Click on an element, choose the Text options in the floating toolbar, and you are free to add and edit any text or element.

Once you finished your text, hit the keyboard down to exit the writing mode.

Note that while using the board on Touch device mode, at any time you add a Sticky note to your board, the Scribble tool is automatically selected afterwards so you can easily scribble on it. 

To prevent moving elements by accident, select one or more elements and click the Pin icon in the floating toolbar.

Freehand Scribbling on a Board


For the smoothest writing, use a stylus and check your zoom level when using the scribble tool–depending on your tablet you may have a better performance if you zoom in between 100-200% percent.

The scribble tool automatically creates one object from the moment you start scribbling to when you stop or lift the stylus from the surface. You can select a scribble and resize, change the color or line width.

When using the scribbling tool, the user experience depends very much on the internet speed and the computer or tablet being used. Also, please make sure your browser is up to date!

Scribbles auto group on Sticky Notes


Easily add a Sticky notes to your board, and scribble or highlight over it. After the sketches are ready, it happens an auto-grouping of the elements with the Sticky note, so it's easier to drag the Sticky note around the board.

Note that the auto grouping is activated only if the scribble or highlight starts on the Sticky note.

Icon import may not be supported for all devices 

In some cases, the import of icons from our library onto boards may not be supported on your current IOS or mobile browser version. 

We are constantly improving our app functions to support mobile devices. In some cases we may take a few months to make all app functions compatible with the latest mobile browser updates.


Work around - draw or write the image during your session as a place holder and so you do not forget which icon you wanted to place on the board. Then in a later session on your laptop or desktop, you can substitute the drawing with the respective icon from the library. 


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