How To Add Content

Drag & Drop Files

The easiest way you can add files is to simply drag them directly into a board from the desktop or web.  You can do this with a variety of supported files, such as JPEG, PDF, and word documents. You can download any files you’ve added to a board later via the Export files in the Board menu. 

Insert Files from the Menu

You can use the Insert menu to add content. Click on the Insert menu in the top tool bar or click on the 'Plus' button in the top left corner of your board. Then click on 'Upload files' and select a document from your computer, and click 'Open'.

You can also embed videos and audio files in your boards by clicking on the Embed video/audio button via the Insert menu. 


There are several ways you can use the desktop clipboard to add content. Using the copy and paste menu selections will not work, you must use the keyboard shortcuts.

You can use copy and paste keyboard commands Command+C/Command+V with:

  • Web: text will be added as a sticky note 
  • Web: hyperlinks will be added as a sticky note.
  • Desktop: text from documents will be added as a sticky note 
  • MAC users: Any text copied will automatically be pasted as an image. To copy directly into a sticky note, create a sticky note first and then paste the content into the sticky note. 
  • Photoshop: image and image selection will be added as a new image and can be downloaded later from the downloads menu
  • Excel, Powerpoint, etc: slides, charts, cells, and other graphic data will be pasted as an image

Hint: Using the Chrome browser for pasting external items will provide you with the best results.

Screenshots Taken With Your Operating System 

If you use a lot of screenshots, you’ll be happy to know you can use shortcut keys to copy screenshots directly into your board. The shortcuts mentioned below are most common, but please check your particular operating system/device for your shortcuts. 

For the best results when pasting screenshots into your boards, use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge browsers. 

Shortcuts that Save Screenshots To Clipboard:

Full screen screenshot

  • PC: PrtScr (on laptops you may have to press Fn as well)
  • MAC: Command + Ctrl+ Shift + 3

Selection screenshot

  • PC: Use the Windows Sniping Tool
  • MAC: Command + Ctrl + Shift + 4

Selected window screenshot

  • PC: Alt + PrtScr
  • MAC: Command + Ctrl + Shift + 4 + Space and select the window

Press Command + V to paste into your board. 

Copy Content Between Boards

You can always duplicate the board from the board settings menu, but you can also copy and paste across boards

Simply zoom out, press S on your keyboard to switch to 'select' mode,  select your content, copy, and paste into the second board.  Make sure you are in the 'select' mode in both boards, and have the boards open in the same browser.

Tip! Copying content across boards does not copy the files to the download dialog, so it's a great way to restrict access to the full files. If the files need to be available for download, duplicate the board instead. 

Embed Video and Audio

Please note: Enterprise and On-Premises systems may not have this configuration turned on.

Inserting video or audio into your boards is just as easy as inserting any other supported file format. You can embed any public or unlisted video or audio that allows embedding from Youtube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. 

There are two ways to embed a video or audio into a board:

  1. Drag and drop the URL link from the address bar directly in a board. It will automatically be inserted, all you have to do is press play!
  2. Copy and paste the URL link
    • Click on the Insert tab
    • Copy the full URL link of the video of your choice
    • Insert it into the 'Embed video/audio' input field
    • Click on the 'Embed' button and it will automatically be in your board

Create Boards from Email Attachments: Mail2Board

Please note: Enterprise and On-Premises systems may not have this configuration turned on.

Many of our users receive documents that require a feedback discussion via email. Instead of exchanging long back and forth emails, you can instantly turn these email attachments into a board to collaborate with your colleagues!

How does it work?

  1. Send your attachment to new@conceptboard.com
  2. Receive an email with the access link to your board
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