How to Add Content

Drag & Drop Files

The easiest way you can add files is to simply drag them directly into a board from the desktop or web.  You can do this with a variety of supported files, such as JPEG, PDF, and word documents. You can download any files you’ve added to a board later via the Export files in the Board menu. 

Insert Files from the Menu


You can access the Insert menu by clicking on the Plus (+) button in the top left corner of your boards. From this menu, you can upload files from your computer, insert sections, Building Blocks and templates, icons, embed video or audio files, or import items from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive.

How to Add Links

If you want to create navigation links within the board: simply select the object, click three-dot menu,  select "Add link", type the link, and press Enter or Confirm.


Three ways to create links:

1. Hyperlinks 
2. Object links - Get a direct link to an object from the floating toolbar or by a right click. Then share the link with your team to lead them to the exact object on the board.
3. Link as Text - Paste the link directly onto a sticky note as text.


Attention: Hyperlinks

Our boards support hyperlinks in these 3 formats:

  1. “www.“ - ex: www.test.com

  2. “http://“ - ex: http://test.com

  3. “https://“ - ex: https://test.com

Hyperlinks are created when links are written or pasted into Sticky Notes, Shapes, Text and Icons. When a link is written or pasted in a text box, the hyperlink is created automatically - the link font becomes blue with the underline style.

Clicking on the hyperlink will open the page on a new tab.

NOTE: Hyperlinks can’t be edited. If you’d like to replace an existing hyperlink on a text box, delete the previous link and write/paste the new one.


There are several ways you can use the desktop clipboard to add content in Conceptboard. Please note, you must use the keyboard shortcuts to access the desktop clipboard, and some features are not available in all browsers.

You can use copy and paste keyboard commands CMD / CTRL +C & CMD / CTRL +V with: 

  • Web: text will be added as a sticky note 
  • Web: hyperlinks will be added as a sticky note.
  • Desktop: text from documents will be added as a sticky note 
  • MAC users: Any text copied will automatically be pasted as an image. To copy directly into a sticky note, create a sticky note first and then paste the content into the sticky note. 
  • Photoshop: image and image selection will be added as a new image and can be downloaded later from the downloads menu
  • Excel, Powerpoint, etc: slides, charts, cells, and other graphic data will be pasted as an image

Hint: We recommend the Chrome browser for the best experience, but you can find more info about what functionality each browser supports here.

Screenshots Taken With Your Operating System 

Hint: For the best results when pasting screenshots into your boards, use the browsers Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge.

There are plenty of possibilities to take screenshots on Windows and Mac. The following article describes the most important keyboard shortcuts, that...

  1. ...are available without installing any additional software, and...
  2. ...copy the screenshot into the operation systems's clipboard, so you can quickly paste it into other apps and you don't need to save it to a file.

If you are often taking screenshots from websites, we recommend our free Full Page Screenshot extension for Google Chrome.

Taking screenshots on Windows

Taking a screenshot on Windows

Full screen to Clipboard

PrtSc (Print Screen)

Active window to Clipboard

Alt + PrtSc 

Taking screenshots on Mac


Full screen to Clipboard

Cmd + Shift + 3 

Selected area to Clipboard:

Cmd + Shift + 4 and drag mouse to specific area wanted

Further Tips for Mac Users

When using the Cmd + Shift + 4 command, there are further shortcuts that you can try out to capture exactly what you want. Try out these 6 commands yourself:

Hold Spacebar key when using a Mac

Press Spacebar to change your mouse to camera mode to capture an entire window.

Press and hold the Option key when taking a screenshot with a Mac Press and hold Option to select the specific area you want by starting from the center.
Hold Spacebar to move the highlighted area Press and hold Spacebar to move the selected area exactly where you need it to be.
Hit the Escape key to use your mouse cursor To use your mouse cursor again, press Escape to get out of screenshot mode.
Hold the Shift key down to lock vertically or horizontally Press & hold Shift to lock the vertical or horizontal position to take a more precise screenshot.
Hold Shift and Spacebar keys to lock vertically and horizontally Press & hold Shift 
and Spacebar to lock the vertical or horizontal position and move the highlighted selection.


Copy Content Between Boards

You can always duplicate the board from the board settings menu, but you can also copy and paste across boards in Chrome and Firefox. 

Simply zoom out, press S on your keyboard to switch to 'select' mode,  select your content, copy, and paste into the second board.  Make sure you are in the 'select' mode in both boards, and have the boards open in the same browser.

Tip: Copying content across boards does not copy the files to the download dialog, so it's a great way to restrict access to the full files. If the files need to be available for download, duplicate the board instead. 

Supported File Formats


 The following file formats can be uploaded and displayed in Conceptboard:

  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Bitmap (.bmp, .wbmp)
  • Portable Networks Graphic (.png)
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)
  • Text Formats (.doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt, .wpd, .sxw)
  • Spreadsheet Formats (.xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv, .tsv, .sxc)
  • Presentation Formats (.ppt, .pptx, .odp, .sxi)
  • Photoshop Document (.psd)
  • Adobe Illustrator files (.eps, .ai, .svg)

This list of supported file formats is constantly being updated. 

File Upload Size

Please note that there are upload size limits: 10MB limit for free accounts, a 25MB limit for premium accounts and a 50MB limit for business accounts for each individual file that can be uploaded to a board at one time on the public SaaS instance. If you are on an Enterprise account, we have even less restrictions. 

Don't need the original file to be available for download? If you're using Chrome, you can directly paste screenshots and content from external applications into the board. 

Unsupported File Formats

Files with formats that are not supported can still be uploaded to a board but will not appear on your board. Instead, they can be accessed via the 'Downloads & export' dialog, either by clicking on the board menu in the board and then on 'Attachments', or by clicking the downloads icon when hovering over a board tile in the boards overview page.


For example, if you need to attach a zip file, dragging it into the board will add it to the downloads dialog for easy later download. For more info on managing board downloads, check out the FAQ.   


It can happen that the imported document on your board looks different than the original one. This may be due to special fonts or formatting. Please try changing the fonts and formatting or contact our support team. We may be able to fix it in certain cases. 


Create Boards from Email Attachments: Mail2Board

Please note: Enterprise and On-Premises systems may not have this configuration turned on.

Many of our users receive documents that require a feedback discussion via email. Instead of exchanging long back and forth emails, you can instantly turn these email attachments into a board to collaborate with your colleagues!

How does it work?

  1. Send your attachment to new@conceptboard.com
  2. Receive an email with the access link to your board

Important: You have to give your email a subject title, which will be set as the board name.

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